Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Let in the Sun by Take That

I've missed the tropics of the Philippines - the constant warmth, the radiating sun, and the towering palm trees. Stepping outside is like being enveloped in a snug, sweaty, welcoming hug, and I don't mind the humidity and pollution at all (alright, maybe a bit). Coming from Chicago, it's such a refreshing change in scenery and mood booster. Back in Illinois, the cold was frigid and the wind bone-piercing, the coldest it dropped to being -15 degrees Celsius. I had gotten so acclimatized to the chilly weather that seeing anything above 2 degrees on my phone's weather app counted as a good day. It's nice to be back in a country where "sweater weather" constitutes anything below 30 degrees.

The skirt is a beautiful piece, with oriental patterns, designs you would see on the ceilings of grand ballrooms with diamond-drop chandeliers hanging and palaces with mirrored walls. It's classy for sure, but the tropical, ocean blue colors that fill it in make it such a refreshing combination.

What do you think?

Zara blouse, Zara skirt, gray Coach bag